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The Euro-Coin-Collector Blog is a mini-journal dealing with Euro Coins. It lets you know whenever new pages appear on the site or when there are updates to existing pages. Any interesting current Euro Coin news may also appear here before it appears on the main web site.

Euro Coin Collector Contest

Euro Coin Collector Contest - your bimonthly chance to win something for your Euro coin collection.

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Commemorative Monday - 1

As the first entry for the Commemorative Monday series of blog entries I think the commemorative coin that started the ball rolling is an appropriate candid, so we’ll start with Commemorative number 1 – the Greek issue of 2004.As you may know there are restrictions on how many commemorative coins can be issued each year be the various Euro countries but these were thrown overboard for the inaugural launch of commemoratives and Greece minted a massive 35 million coins – the largest commemorative issue to date.

The motif for the coin is taken from the classical Greek culture – around 450 BC.The coin was of course isuued in honour of the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens and this is shown by the five Olympic rings that on the left.Although the value of Euro coins is only supposed to appear on the common side (i.e. the side that is the same for all countries) an exception was made here and the value - 2 euros - is shown in the Hellenic script.At the base of the statue (on the left) is the famous pi (Π).Hope this was of interest – I’ll continue by showing the first commemorative issue by the remaining 22 Euro countries. I’ll select the countries randomly rather than simply in alphabetic order – makes it all a bit more exciting.So, see you all next Monday.

Commemorative Monday

Starting from next Monday,every Monday I'll give a short review of a Commemorative Coin - country,issue volume,motif and reason for motif. Hope you'll find it interesting - so until Monday 10th!

Coin Care

A few pointers in looking after your coins.

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Spanish Euro Coins

Review of Spanish Euro Coins

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Andorran Euro Coins

Review of Andorran Euro Coins

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