San Marino Euro Coins

San Marino was one of the founding members of the Euro zone and started minting coins in 2002. Some basic facts relating to San Marino.

San Marino is one of the three states (the others are Monaco and the Vatican) that, although not members of the European Union, nevertheless issue their own Euro Coins.

San Marino is, by the way, the world's oldest surviving republic.

Normal Currency Coins.

San Marino is one of the few members of the Eurozone that has a different motif for each of the eight coins. These all depict buildings and monuments in San Marino.

1 cent - This shows the third tower (Il Montale) dating from the 13th century.

2 cent - San Marino's own "Statue of Liberty" created by the sculptor Stefano Galletti.

5 cent - This shows the first tower (La Guaita) which hails from around the 11th century.

10 cent - Basilica of St. Marinus(Basilica del Santo) built in 1826.

20 cent - Depicted is St. Marinus , founder of San Marino.The founding date 301 A.D.

50 cent - The three towers of San Marino.(La Guaita,La Cesta and Il Montale)

1 Euro - San Marino Coat of Arms.

2 Euro - Government Palace (Palazzo Pubblico)

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro Coin appear the number "2" followed by "*".
This repeated six times. Each "2" is inverted with respect to the preceding and following "2".

San Marino Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

San Marino has produced a wonderful set of Two Euro Commemorative Coins, not missing a year since the commemoratives started in 2004.

Although the three non European Union members in the Eurozone do not participate in the common issues, San Marino issued a coin in 2012 having exactly the same motif as the common issue of that year (10 year commemoration of the Euro as official currency).

So in effect they "cheated" or if you prefer circumvented that regulation. At any rate , as collectors, I'm sure we're all pleased they did.

2004 - Bartolomeo Borghesi -a San Marino historian and numismatist.

Date of issue   : 16.12.2004

Issuing Volume : 110,000

2005 - Celebrating the year of physics - the image of the famous scientist Galileo Galilei.

Date of issue   : 14.10.2005

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2006 - 500th anniversary of the death of Cristopher Columbus.

Date of issue   : 17.10.2006

Issuing Volume : 120,000

2007 - 200th anniversary of the birth of Guiseppe Garbaldi - a major figure in the unification and founding of Italy as a national state.

Date of issue   : 09.10.2007

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2008 - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue - depicted are five human silhouettes representing the five regions within the European continent.

Date of issue   : 20.05.2008

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2009 - European year of Creativity and Innovation. In the inner ring a test tube , a compass and a flask - all representing research -are depicted. Also to be seen is a book .

Date of issue   : 05.09.2009

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2010 - 500th anniversary of the death of Sandro Botticelli - an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance.

Date of issue   : 07.09.2010

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2011 - 500th anniversary of the birth of Giorgio Vasari - an Italian architect and court painter of the Medici's.

Date of issue   : 04.06.2011

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2012 - 10th anniversary of Euro Coins and Banknotes.

Date of issue   : 12.06.2012

Issuing Volume : 130,000

2013 - 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance painter Bernadino di Betto di Biagio normally known as Pinturicchios.

Date of issue   : 13.09.2013

Issuing Volume : 115.000

2014 - 500th anniversary of the death of Donato Bramantes.

Date of issue   : 23.06.2014

Issuing Volume : 114.000

2014 - 90th anniversary of the death of Puccini.

Date of issue   : 29.09.2014

Issuing Volume : 100.000

2015 - 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri.

Date of issue   : 08.04.2015

Issuing Volume : 104.000

2015 - 25th anniversary of German unification.

Date of issue   : 15.09.2015

Issuing Volume : 250.000

2016 - 550th anniversary of the death of Donatello.

Date of issue   : 05.04.2016

Issuing Volume : 85.000

2016 - 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare.

Date of issue   : 22.09.2016

Issuing Volume : 85.000

2017 - 750th anniversary of the birth of Giotto di Bondone.

Date of issue   : 30.03.2017

Issuing Volume : 80.000

2017 - International Year of Sustainable Tourism.

Date of issue   : 31.08.2017

Issuing Volume : 70.500

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