Estonian Euro Coins

Estonia joined the Euro zone in 2011. The Estonian Euro Coins have several intetresting features and the Commemoratives may prove of interest to chess players.

Some basic facts relating to Estonia.

Normal Currency Coins.

Unfortunately, there is only one motif for Estonian Euro Coins - an outline map of Estonia. Although unexciting it is somehow quite appealing.

On closer examination one can see a few differences between the coins

i) In the cent coins the map of Estonia is sunk relative to the background whereas in the 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins the map is raised relative to the background.

ii) On the 2 Euro coin two small islands, Vaindloo and Nootamaa, are depicted. These, the most Northerly point and most Westerly point of Estonia are not depicted on the other coins.

Estonian 1 cent coin

1 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 2 cent coin

2 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 5 cent coin

5 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 10 cent coin

10 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 20 cent coin

20 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 50 cent coin

50 cent - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 1 Euro €  coin

1 Euro - Map of Estonia.

Estonian 2 Euro € coin

2 Euro - Map of Estonia.

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro Coin the country name "EESTI" appears twice, separated by a circle. The two "EESTI"s are inverted down with respect to one another.

Estonian Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

Estonian Commemorative Coin 2016 - Paul Keres

2016 - 100th Birthday of Paul Keres (Chess Champion)

Date of issue     : 07.01.2016

Issuing Volume : 500,000

Estonian Commemorative Coin 2017 - Independence

2017 - 100th Anniversary of Estonian independeance.

Date of issue     : 26.06.2017

Issuing Volume : 1,500,000

Estonian Commemorative Coin 2018 - joint independence

2018 - 100 Years of Independence - joint issue with Latvia and Lithuania.

Date of issue     : 31.01.20018

Issuing Volume : 500,000

Estonian Commemorative Coin 2018

2018 - 100 Years of Independence.

Date of issue     : 19.02.20018

Issuing Volume : 1,300,000

2019 - 150 Anniversary of the first Song Festival.

Date of issue     : 29.05.2019

Issuing Volume : 1,000,000

2019 - The coin commemorates the  100th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Tartu.

Date of issue     : 19.11.2019

Issuing Volume : 1,000,000

2020 - The coin commemorates the  200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica.

Date of issue     : 27.01.2020

Issuing Volume : 750,000

2020 - This coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the signing of the  Tartu Peace Treaty.

Date of issue     : 01.02.2020

Issuing Volume : 1,000,000

2021 - This coin was issied in honour of the Finno-Ugric Languages.

Date of issue     : 16.06.2021

Issuing Volume : 1,000,000

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