Storage of your Euro coins.

If you are seriously interested in maintaining the value of your coin collection, consideration of how they are to be kept/stored is paramount. Ideally the storage system should be decided on before you start collecting but in fact the reverse order is the more usual.

Coin albums are a reasonably priced way of keeping your coins - and have the great advantage that the coins are easily seen/presented. The albums are often in the form of "ring-binders". Pre-printed sheets giving information about the various coins are normally available. Being able to see the coins from both sides also means they need not be taken out to be viewed from both sides and the less handling the coins are subjected to, the better.

Ideally the storage system should fulfil the following criteria:

  • The coins should be protected from damage - both chemical (exposure to substances with which the metals react) and physical (dust and hard surfaces that can scratch the coins surface).
  • The storage should not be too bulky - so that transport or putting in a safe are relatively easy.
  • A description of the coins can be attached - e.g. Vatican Two Euro Commemorative 2009.
  • The coins should be easily visible - if possible from both sides.
  • All the above should be achieved for a relatively small outlay.

Apart from the actual container in which the coins are kept, thought should also be given to the location.

A place of low humidity of relatively constant temperature is therefore preferable - so attic and basement are not desirable. As however, most collectors enjoy viewing their collection quite often these two locations are unlikely to be selected.

Previously it was not uncommon for plastic coin containers to contain PVC, a chemical which ultimately, over time, could damage the coins. This is almost certainly not the case with any containers bought from reputable manufacturers nowadays - it is, however, a point to consider if buying a second hand container over ebay or on a flea market for example.  

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