Euro Coin  Issues/News in 2013

The year 2013 promises to be a very interesting one for euro coin collectors.

Three major events immediately spring to mind:

  • The joint French/German two Euro Commemorative.
  • The change of monarchy in the Netherlands.
  • The election of a new pope in the Vatican.

Each of these events will result in interesting new issues that will gladden the heart of the collector.

In addition we can expect more Commemorative issues than in previous years as the countries in the Euro Zone are now permitted to issue two Commemoratives (previously only one) per year. If another year occurs where there is a common issue for all EU members, we could have three Commemoratives for some countries!

Luxembourg was the first country to take advantage of this new rule and in fact issued two Commemoratives in 2012, although the bulk of the second Commemorative was only available early in 2013.

Well, let's start by looking at the Frech/German joint issue. This is by the way the first joint issue by two countries since the introduction of the Euro.

Date of issue : January 2013

Issuing Volume : France - 10 million coins

                         Germany -  11 million coins

The coin depicts the then heads of state of the two countries - President Charles de Gaulle (France) and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (Germany).The signatures of the two leaders appear under their portraits.

It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Élysée ( a significant milestone in French-German reconcilliation/friendship).

The French coin can be recognised by the letters RF(République francaise) around half way between the four and five o'clock stars.

The German coin can be recognised by the letter D(Deutschland) around half way between the four and five o'clock stars.The German coin also has a letter indicating the minting location. This is shown between the three and four o'clock stars. In the example shown it is an A but is sometimes also a D - a little confusing!!

The change of monarchy in the Netherlands.

To date (March 2013) the new design of the Dutch coins is not known - presumably it will be the head of King Willam on all the coins as previously the head of Queen Beatrix appeared on all the coins. As soon as this is known I will enter the new series in Netherlands Euro Coins.

The Netherlands have however issued a commemorative coin for 2013 on which is depicted both the head of the departing queen Beatrix and the incumbent King Willem-Alexander.

The election of a new pope in the Vatican.

As I write this the election of a new pope has just been announced.

The new Vatican coins will almost certainly follow the pattern of the previous - all coins will depict the head of the current pope. As soon as the new images are available I will add them to Vatican Euro Coins.

Other New Commemoratives.

Italy plans to issue two commemoratives in 2013. Although the dates and issuing volume are not yet known, the design are and are shown below.

200th Anniversary of the famous Italian opera composer Guiseppe Verdi.

700th Anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Boccaccio.


This fourth coin in the Spanish world heritage series represents the San Lorenzo del Escorial Monastry.

Date of issue  :  February 2013

Issuing Volume : 8 million coins.


The 800th Anniversary of the first visit to the Postonja jame (cave) is commemorated with an artisic styilized spiral representing the cave. At the end of the spiral we see two styilized stalagmites.

Date of issue  :  February 2013

Issuing Volume : 1 million coins.


1150th Anniversary of the Mission of Constantine and Methodius to the Great Moravia.

Date of issue : May 2013

Issuing volume : 1 million coins

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