Slovenian Euro Coins

The Euro became the official currency in Slovenia on 1st January 2007, replacing the Tolar which however remained valid until 15th January 2007. There are some very interesting Commemorative Coins particularly that of 2018 - check it out!

Some basic facts relating to Slovenia.

Normal Currency Coins.

Slovenian Euro Coins have 8 different motifs - 1 for each denomination. There appears to be no theme grouping of the coins - as for example by Austria or Greece - however I find that Slovenia has minted one of the most attractive and interesting series of Euro coins. The Commemorative issues are also very attractive, particularly that of 2010 which I think is one of the most beautiful Euro coins yet minted.

An unusual feature of the Slovenian coins is that the date normally appears at an arbitrary angle to the horizontal plane of the coins.

As Slovenia has only been in the Euro zone since 2007 and has such appealing coins, I think it is a wonderful niche area for collectors with limited financial resources.

Slovenian 1 cent coin

1 cent - A stork, which was the motif of the 20 Stotins (Cent) piece in the previous currency.

2 cent - The Prince's stone where Carantanian Dukes were installed

Slovenian 5 cent coin

5 cent - The painting "Sejalec" by Ivan Grohar - depicted is a sower sowing stars.

Slovenian 10 cent coin

10 cent - A design by Joze Plecnik for the national parliament.

Slovenian 20 cent coin

20 cent - A pair of Lipizzaner horses.

Slovenian 50 cent coin

50 cent - Triglav (the highest mountain in Slovenia) plus the constellation of cancer.

Slovenian 1 Euro €  coin

1 Euro - Primas Trubar - a protestant reformer and translator of the New Testament into Slovenian.

Slovenian 2 Euro € coin

2 Euro - France Preseren plus a line from his poem Zdravljica which is the national anthem of Slovenia.

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro coin the name of the country "Slovenjia" plus a full stop .

Slovenian Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2008 - Primoz Trubar

2008 - 500th birthday of Primoz Trubar.

Date of issue   : 26.05.2008

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2010 - Botanical gardens in Lubljana

2010 - Commemorates 200 years of the botanical gardens in Lubljana.

Date of issue   : 10.05.2010

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2011 - Franc Rozman

2011 - 100th birthday of Franc Rozman - a partisan who fought for the liberation of Slovenia during World War II.

Date of issue   : 21.03.2011

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2013 - Postonjana

2013 - The 800th Anniversary of the first visit to the Postonja jame (cave) is commemorated with a stylized spiral representing the cave.

Date of issue   : 04.02.2013

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2014 - Barbara of Celje

2014 - The 600th Anniversary of the coronation of Barbara of Celje.

Date of issue   : 17.11.2014

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2015 - Emona

2015 - The 2000th Anniversary of the founding of Emona.

Date of issue   :  January 2015.

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2016 - 25 years independence

2016 - The 25th Anniversary of the Independence of Slovenia.

Date of issue   :  20.06.2016

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

Slovenian Commemorative Coin 2017 - 10 years euro

2017 - The 10th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia.

Date of issue   :  02.02.2017

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

2018 - World Bee Day.

Date of issue   :  14.05.2018

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

2019 - 100 th Anniversary of University of Lubljana.

Date of issue   :  25.11.2019

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

2020 - 50 th Anniversary of  the birth of Adam Bohorics.

Date of issue   :  23.12.2020

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

2021 - 200 th Anniversary of  the founding of the Carilona Museum.

Date of issue   :  25.10.2021

Issuing Volume : 1 Million

2022 - 150th Anniversary of  the birth of Jože Plečnik.

Date of issue     : 25.01.2022

Issuing Volume : 30 Million

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