Netherland Euro Coins

The Netherlands one of the founding members of the Euro zone and started issuing coins in 2002. There are two main series - change of ruling monarch and a particularly interesting Commemorative in 2013.

Some basic facts relating to the Netherlands.

The Netherland Euro Coins have unfortunately only one motif - that of the reigning monarch.

To make matters worse they have issued only one commemorative coin of their own!

It is now 2018 and happily the above can be revised - The Netherlands now has two main series and four commemorative coins. Unfortunately no more commemorative coins seemed to be planed for 2018 or 2019 - nevertheless thanks for the four commemoratives Netherlands, the collectors are grateful!

The12 stars representing Europe in the 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins are arranged in the form of a semi circle. This is against the latest guidelines which require the 12 stars to be as in the European flag - i.e. in the form of a complete circle. Presumably at some time in the future the design of these two coins will be altered to reflect the new guidelines.

Yes it has been changed in the series with King Willem Alexander.

Normal Currency Coins.


The Motif for all coins is the same - the head of the reigning monarch Queen Beatrix until 2013 and then King Willem Alexander.

Is is customary in the Netherlands to alter the direction in which the Monarch is looking whenever a new Monarch mounts the throne - so while Beatrix was looking towards the left, Willem Alexander is looking towards the right.

Old Series

New Series

1 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

1 Cent

King Willem Alexander

2 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

2 Cent

King Willem Alexander

5 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

5 Cent

King Willem Alexander

10 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

10 Cent

King Willem Alexander

20 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

20 Cent

King Willem Alexander

50 Cent -

Queen Beatrix

50 Cent

King Willem Alexander

1 Euro -

Queen Beatrix

1 Euro

King Willem Alexander

2 Euro -

Queen Beatrix

2 Euro

King Willem Alexander

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro Coin appear the words " GOD ZIJ MET UNS" which is Dutch for "GOD BE WITH US".

Netherland Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

Netherlands Commemorative Coin 2011 - Erasmus of Rotterdam

2011 - 500th Anniversary of the publishing of Laus Stultitiae (Praise of Foolishness) by Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Date of issue   : 24.01.2011

Issuing Volume : 4 Million

Netherlands Commemorative Coin 2013 - Change of Monarchy Beatrix Willem-Alexander

2013 - Commemorating the change of monarchy in the Netherlands - depicted are the heds of Queen Beatrix and the incumbent King Willem-Alexander.

Date of issue   : 07.02.2013

Issuing Volume : 20 Million

Netherlands Commemorative Coin 2013

2013 - 200th Anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Date of issue   : 25.11.2013

Issuing Volume : 3.5 Million

Netherlands Commemorative Coin 2014

2014 - Double Portrait - King Willem Alexander and Princess Beatrix

Date of issue   : 22.04.2014

Issuing Volume : 5.2 Million

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