Irish Euro Coins

Ireland was one of the founding members of the Euro zone and started issuing coins in 2002. Some basic facts relating to Éire(Ireland).

Irish Euro Coins have only one motif for all eight coins - the Celtic harp. In addition Ireland up to 2020 has only minted two Commemorative Coins of its own.

Those of you who have ever been to Ireland will know that it is a land of great national beauty with a rich history - such potential for an interesting set of coins!

Dublin alone could supply eight motifs - but no we have only a Celtic harp.

Let us hope that in the future Ireland will draw on its great resources and supply us with some wonderful Two Euro Commemoratives Coins.

Normal Currency Coins.

Irish 1 cent coin

1 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 2 cent coin

2 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 5 cent coin

5 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 10 cent coin

10 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 20 cent coin

20 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 50 cent coin

50 cent - Celtic Harp.

Irish 1 Euro €  coin

1 Euro - Celtic Harp.

Irish 2 Euro € coin

2 Euro - Celtic Harp.

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro Coin appear the number "2" followed by "**".
This is  repeated six times so that the "12-Star" European motif is represented. Each "2" is inverted with respect to the preceding and following "2".

Irish Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

Irish Commemorative Coin 2016 - Easter Uprising against British Rule.

2016 - 100th Anniversary of the Easter Uprising against British rule.

Date of issue    : 20.01.2016

Issuing Volume : 4,500,000

2019 - 100th Anniversary of the first meeting of the "Dail Éireann"(Assembly of Ireland).

Date of issue    : 21.01.2019

Issuing Volume : 1,000,000

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