Portuguese Commemorative 2022

Details relating to the Portuguese Commemorative of 2022.

Issue Date: 30.03.2022

Number Minted: 1,015,000

Mint: Imprensa National Casada Moeda S.A. Lissabon.

Mint Mark : none

This coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first crossing flight across the South Atlantic by  aeroplane.

The motif of the coin shows an aeroplane of the type then used, occupying mainly the upper half of the inner circle.

Around the edge of the inner circle, running from seven o'clock to one o'clock is the inscription "TRAVESIA DO ATLANTICO SUL" (crossing of the Southern Atlantic).

Under the aeroplane is the name of the issuing country as well as the dates of the crossing and the year of issue -" PORTUGAL 1922-2022".

At the bottom of the inner circle above six o'clock is a representation of the constellation "The Southern Cross".This has been cleverly arranged so that the bottom star of the Southern Cross coincides with the bottom star of the EU in the outer circle.

Finally around the edge of the inner circle, running from three to five o'clock we see thev name of the designer "Esc. JJ BRITO" and the name of the mint "CASA DA MOEDA".

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