Spanish Commemorative 2022

Details relating to the Spanish Commemorative of 2022.

Issue Date: 23.03.2022

Number Minted: 1,000,000

Mint:Real Casa de la Moneda, Madrid

Mint Mark : M with Crown

This coin commemorates the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the earth by Juan Sebastián Elcano.

The motif is a prominent bust of Elcvano that all but fills the inner circle of the coin. He is shown looking to the right and wearing the apparel of the time.

At the bottom of the inner circle, running from eight to four o'clock is the navigator's name "Juan Sebastián Elcano" and under that in Latin "Primus Circumdedisti Me" which translates into something like "First covered me" which I assume means "First around the Earth".

The name of the issuing country "ESPAÑA" is on the edge of the inner circle between two and four o'clock. The year of issue "2022" is in from "ESPAÑA" and runs vertically.

The mint mark is on the edge of the inner circle at eight o'clock.

Finally the dates showing the duration of the voyage "1519-1522" can be seen in the botton left quadrant.

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