Slovenian Commemorative 2011

Details relating to the Slovenian Commemorative of 2011.

Issue Date: 21.03.2011

Number Minted: 1,000,000

Mint: Mint Kremnica

Mint Mark : none

This coin honours the Slovenian national hero, Franc Rozman

Rozman was born in 1911 near Ljubljana. He was an underground fighter for the communist party.

Immediately after the occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941 he organized and trained the first partisan units. His unit consisting of around 300 men was one of the most effective in the country-

The motif is a stylized portrayal of Rozman. At the bottom of the inner circle is a large five pointed star – this represents Rozman’s membership of the communist partisan organization.

In the top left quadrant is Rozmans’s name written vertically, followed by his date of birth and death “1911-1941”. Thereunder is the country SLOVENIJA and under SLOVENIJA is the year of issue written vertically.

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