Slovakian Commemorative 2009

Details relating to the Slovakian Commemorative of 2009.

Issue Date: 10.11.2009

Number Minted: 1,000,000

Mint: Mint Kremnica,Slovakia

Mint Mark : MK

The central motive shows a stiyalised bell which is made out of many keys.

This is to commemorate the event on 17th November 1989 when the citizens (mainly students) protested for freedom and made a great deal of noise by rattling their keyrings. The protest was non- violent and was seen as the start of what was known as the “Velvet Revolution

Under the bell, in a small square the initials of the artist – PK can be seen as well as the Mint Sign (MK) in a small circle.

On the top half of the inner circle is the inscription 17.NOVEMBER SLOBODA DEMOKRACIA (17.NOVEMBER FEEDOM DEMOCRACY).

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