Irish Commemorative 2019

Details relating to the Irish Commemorative of 2019.

Issue Date: 21.01.2019

Number Minted: 1,000,000

Mint: Various

Mint Mark : none.

This in only the second commemorative coin issued by Ireland.

The coin honours  the first meeting of the "Assembly of Ireland", or “Dáil Éireann” in Irish Gaelic -  one of the official languages of the Republic of Ireland.

This meeting took place on January 21, 1919, and proclaimed Ireland's independence. The 1916 Easter Proclamation was cited and this was the spark that ignited the Irish Revolutionary War.

The motif shows a number of dots which represent the heads of those in the ”Round Room” in parliament as well as those in the spectator’s gallery – the horizontal stripe running from ten to two o’clock.

At the top of the inner circle is the year in which the meeting took place – 1919.  

Thereunder is the inscription "An Chéad Dáil" Irish Gaelic for “The First Assembly”. Finally at the botton the country and year of issue appear – “Éire 2019”.

The coin has no mint mark.

Altogether an interesting and attractive Commemorative Coin.

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