Joint EU Commemorative 2009

Latin Script
Hellenic Script

Luxembourg Left View
Luxembourg Right View

Details relating to the Joint EU Commemorative of 2009.

Issue Date: 01.01.2009

Number Minted: 78,670,000

Mint: Various

Mint Mark : Various

This is the second joint issue where all the existing members of both the EU and the Euro zone issued at the same time basically the same coin, only differing in the issuing country designation.

A slight exception to this is Luxembourg where the law requires that all coins show the head of the reigning grand duke.

Although the physical euro coins only came into circulation at the beginning of 2002, the Euro was used by the financial institutions from 1st January 1999.

The inner circle shows a symbolic representation of EU financial relationships developing from primitive trading, (the primitive representation of a person, apparently on a stone background) to an Economic and Financial Union (the Euro symbol € ).

The name of the issuing country appears at the top of the inner circle. The initials of the designer  (ΓΣ) appear at around five o’clock on the edge of the stone tablet. At the bottom of the inner circle are initials standing for economic and monetary union. These are in the language of the respective  countries. Following these initials we see 1999-2009.

I have shown above two coins, with the normal script and one with the Hellenic script. I have also shown the Luxembourg coin as this differs because of the reasons set out above. This was produced by a process that enables the head of the grand duke to be seen when viewed from one side and the normal image when viewed from the other.

Below is a table showing the different insciptions for the varios countries.

Note - the Finnish coin also has the following on the coin edge:

Summary of Inscriptions for Joint Commemorative 2009

Name of Country
at Top of Coin
What Initials
stand for
Austria REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH WWWU Wirtschafts-und Währungsunion
Belgium BELGIE – BELGIQUE – BELGIEN EMU Economic and Monetary Union
Cyprus KYΠPOΣ KIBIRIS ONE Oικoνoμική και Noμισματική Ένωση
Finnland SUOMI FINLAND EMU Economic and Monetary Union
France RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE UME l'Union économique et monétaire
Germany BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND WWU Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion
Greece EΛΛHNIKH ΔHMOKPATIA ONE Οικονομική και Νομισματική Ένωση
Ireland ÉIRE AEA Aontas Eacnamaíochta Airgeadaíochta
Italy REPUBBLICA ITALIANA UEM l'unione economica e monetaria
Luxembourg LËTZEBUERG UEM l'Union économique et monétaire
Malta MALTA UEM Unjoni Ekonomika u Monetarja
Netherlands NEDERLAND EMU economische en monetaire unie
Portugal PORTUGAL UEM União Económica e Monetária
Slovakia SLOVENSKO HMÚ Hospodárska a menová únia
Slovenia SLOVENIJA EMU Ekonomska in monetarna unija
Spain ESPAÑA UEM Unión Económica y Monetaria

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