Joint EU Commemorative 2007

Latin Script

Helenic Script
Luxembourg Coin

Details relating to the Joint EU Commemorative of 2007.

Issue Date: 25.03.2007

Number Minted: 87,000,000

Mint: Various

Mint Mark : Various

This is the first joint issue where all the existing members of both the EU and the Euro zone issued at the same time basically the same coin. They differ only in the issuing country designation, mint marks and, if they are shown, the engravers mark.

An exception to this is Luxembourg where the law requires that all coins show the head of the reigning grand duke. This done by showing a latent image of the reigning Grand Duke in a small circle in the left half of the coin.

Another slight exception is in the case of Italy – the signatures in the treaty are imprinted slightly deeper than the page. This is not the case for the other coins.

This joint issue commemorates the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

The inner circle shows a depiction of the original treaty, signed by the six founding members -  Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The background design is that of Michelangelo’s paving on the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome which is where the treaty was signed.

The name of the issuing country and the year of issue appear at the bottom of the inner circle. Around the top edge of the inner circle is the inscription “Treaty of Rome” and thereunder “50 Years” – both, of course, in the appropriate language.

EUROPE – again in the appropriate language – is shown just above the treaty but within paving.

A small point of interest – all countries except Germany refer to the “Treaty of Rome”. Germany refers to the “Treaties of Rome” (Römische Verträge). Why this is so, I don’t know.

I have shown above two coins, with the normal script and one with the Hellenic script. I have also shown the Luxembourg coin as this differs because of the reasons set out above. This was produced by a process that enables the head of the grand duke to be seen when viewed from one side and the normal image when viewed from the other.


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