Austrian Commemorative 2017

Details relating to the Austrian Commemorative of 2017.

Issue Date: 06.12.2017

Number Minted: 18,100,000

Mint: Austrian Mint AG

Mint Mark : none.

This coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Austrian republic.

The motif for the coin shows, in the right side of the inner circle, the upper half of Pallas Athena.

She is in front of the Austrian parliament, which vaguely resembles buildings in classical Greece. The parliament is in the background in the top right quadrant.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, standing for wisdom and reason and I suppose the idea is that these will be characteristics of the Austrian parliament! 

Around the edge of the inner circle from seven to two o’clock is the inscription “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH”. The year of issue is at nine o’clock and just in from eight o’clock is the inscription “100 JAHRE”.

The coin does not have a mint mark.

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