Entry 05.02.2018

Input of Commemorative detailes proceeding better than I hoped - now have 78 entered ca. 10 per week.

The site has been made responsive but there are still problems with some aspects - e.g. tabels - am working on it.

Entry 23.01.2018

All countries now updated until the end of 2017. Somewhat ahead of schedule on the Commemorative details, 46 of which have been entered.

Entry 15.01.2018

Latvia,Lithuania and Luxembourg updated and 24 entries in Detailed Commemoratives.

Planed by 22.01.21018

Spain and Vatican updated and then all countries will have been updated, until the vend of

2017 at least.

Entry 08.01.2018

Slovakia and Slovenia updated

Planed by 15.01.2018

It seems that in going through the countries alphabetically to update

them, I missed out the Ls, for this week the updates are for

Latvia,Lithuania and Luxembourg.

Entry 01.01.2018

Portugal updated.

Planed by 08.01.2018

Slovakia ans Slovenia updated.

Entry 29.12.2017.

Well the festive season has got in the way a bit but Monaco and the Netherlands are now updated.

Planed by 1st January 2018.

Portugal updated.

Entry 18.12.2017

Germany,Ireland,Italy and Malta successfuly updated

Planed by 25.12.2017

Well the festive season is starting to demand some time, so this week's goal

is somewhat humble - Update of Monaco.

To all reading this I wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Entry 11.12.2017

Finland,France and Greece successfuly updated

1st detailed commemorative done.

Planed by 18.12.2017

Update of Germany,Ireland,Italy and Malta

Entry 04.12.2017

Belgium,Cyprus and Estonia successfuly updated

Planed by 11.12.2017

Update of Finland,France and Greece

Entry 27.11.2017

Got it wrong above - should have been Monday 27th!


i) Andorra update

ii) Austria update

iii) Table on Commemorative Coins page update

iv) Home page updated and some typos removed.

Planned for Monday 4th November

Update of Belgium,Cyprus and Estonia.

Entry 24.11.2017

OK first modest improvements planned to completed by Monday 28.11.2017.

Andorra up to date -i.e. new commemoratives added

Austria up to date - i.e. new commemoratives added.