Euro Coin Presentation.

Building up your collection of Euro Coins is half the fun, but to get the most enjoyment out of your collection you will surely want to admire it and show it to fellow collectors or simply to family members and friends. 

There are a variety of ways your coins can be stored and hence kept ready for presentation. These will cover quite a large price range and so how you will keep your coins will also be in part detemined by what you can afford.

Some may argue that money spent on attractive storage options is money that could be spent on more Euro Coins. That is of course true but a humble collection (humble that is from the point of view of the number of coins) that is presented in a thought-out and attractive way is ,I believe, more the mark of a true enthusiast and devoted collector than simply a large number of coins kept in a bag that no one ever looks at.   

To derive long term satisfaction, or perhaps one could even say joy, from a hobby an aesthetic element is essential. Time spent considering what to collect and how to store and present your collection is not a chore it is an essential and enjoyable part of the hobby - it also brings in a creative element that makes your collection truly YOUR collection and not simply a number of coins that you happen to own.

For circulated coins that have simply been saved from change etc., and whose value is unlikely to increase over time simple cardboard "insert cards" are perhaps in order but for uncircultaed coins acquired in mint condition that are a delight to look at, a proper album or coin box is preferable.