Cyprus is a small island situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, not far from the Turkish coast. It is divided into a Northern section controlled by Turkey and a Southern section (ca. 60% of the  area) that is in the EU and the Eurozone. Cyprus joined the Eurozone and issued its first coins in 2008.

Some basic facts about Cyprus:

  • Area:  9.251 sq. kilometers
  • Population:  1.185.269 (2018 estimate)
  • Official Languages:  Greek,Turkish
  • Government Form : Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • GDP - Total € 35,790 billion (2019 estimate)
  • GDP - Per Capita € 28,888 (2019 estimate)

Prior to the Euro the official currency was the Cyprus Pound. The conversion rate to the Euro was set at 0.585274 to 1Euro on 1st January 2008.

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