A find ?

by Martin Johnston
(Dumfries, Scotland, UK)

I have a 1999 French €2 fleur de coin as shown in your diagrams is this worth any money...?
Many thanks for your help ...

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Nov 26, 2017
1999 French €2 coin
by: Edward

by: Edward

First of all to explain the extremely long delay in replying. My site was on hold for a few years and I only "repossessed" it a few days ago. Hereinafter I hope to respond to questions within a few days.

I'm afraid your your €2(1999)French coin is only worth €2. Over 50 million were minted so it has no collector value.Sorry!

One thing you can look for.Some French €2 coins were erroneuosly minted with the Dutch "God zij met ons" on the rim. If your coin is one of those(unlikely),it should be worth over €200 -depenpant on condition.
Hope this helps.

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