Estonian Euro Coins

Estonia joined the Euro zone in 2011.

Some basic facts relating to Estonia.

Normal Currency Coins.

Unfortunately only one motif was chosen for the eight coins - an outline map of Estonia. Although unexciting it is somehow quite appealing.

On closer examination one can see a few differences between the coins

i) In the cent coins the map of Estonia is sunk relative to the background whereas in the 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins the map is raised relative to the background.

ii) On the 2 Euro coin two small islands, Vaindloo and Nootamaa, are depicted. These, the most Northerly point and most Westerly point of Estonia are not depicted on the other coins.

1 cent - Map of Estonia.

2 cent - Map of Estonia.

5 cent - Map of Estonia.

10 cent - Map of Estonia.

20 cent - Map of Estonia.

50 cent - Map of Estonia.

1 Euro - Map of Estonia.

2 Euro - Map of Estonia.

Two Euro Coin Rim

Around the rim of the Two Euro Coin the country name "EESTI" appears twice, separated by a circle. The two "EESTI"s are inverted down with respect to one another.

Estonian Commemorative Two Euro Coins.

Estonia has of now (2017) issued two of its own commemorative coins.

2016 - 100th Birthday of Paul Keres (Chess Champion)

Date of issue     : 07.01.2016

Issuing Volume : 500,000

2017 - 100th Anniversary of Estonian independance.

Date of issue     : 26.06.2017

Issuing Volume : 1,500,000

2018 - 100 Years of Independence.

Date of issue     : 31.01.20018

Issuing Volume : 500,000

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