2009 Italy Penny

by cherelle

My little 8 year old brother like to play with penny so my mother collect them for him so one day me and my girlfriend was picking up his penny up an i came a cross this little penny I started looking up the penny then that's how i found out the it was a euro 2009 penny for italy.but what I don't know is how much is it worth and who can I sell it to an for how much would I get for it.

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Nov 26, 2017

by: Edward

Hullo Cherelle

First of all to explain the long delay in replying. My site was on hold for a few years and I only "repossessed" it a few days ago.

I'm afraid the coin you found for your brother is only woth the face value - i.e. if it is a one cent coin it is worth one cent,if a two cent coin it is worth 2 cent etc. Sorry if the news is disappointing.

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