10 EURO french coin 2009

by Jim Biggins

was given these in La Rochelle on the day the coins were "released" have been back and forward to Europe,latest yesterday 10june but, cannot find anyone to take them .I have tried to use them in bars ,banks,coin exchange,bureau de change all to no avail ....can anyone shed any light on this

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Nov 25, 2017
french 10ERuro coin
by: Edward

First of all to explain the extremely long delay in replying. My site was on hold for a few years and I only "repossessed" it a few days ago. Hereinafter the reponse time will be significantly shorter.

Any coins not in the standard range 1 cent to 2 Euro are only legal tender in the coutry of issue, so it would only be legal tender in France. These coins are intended for collectors and making them "theoretically " legal tender is a way of avoiding paying tax on them. I can understand that shops and bars were not interested but I would have thought that a French bank would have changed it. Orwas it a non French bank were you tried to changeit?

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